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Answer: Follow all of the following steps.

  1. Complete the registration form linked from the registration page

  2. Go to our team store and pay the Team Fee

  3. Wait for an invite to register in PITZONE to show up in your inbox

  4. Once you see the email from then follow the link, create an account and follow the steps until you've finished by paying your league registration fee. That is also the place you will register for races.

  5. Start riding your bike!

Q: Who's Eligible to Participate?

A: All students who will be in grades 6-12 during the 2018-19 school year and will be attending Madison, Sugar-Salem, North or South Fremont are eligible to join our team. 

Q: What's the expected time commitment?

A: We hold 2 practices weekly, Monday afternoons at 4pm for roughly an hour, and Wednesdays at 6pm for roughly three hours. There are 5 races at different locations across the state as far away as McCall and as close as Grand Targhee. Attendance to practice and races is completely optional. Nothing is mandatory and there are no punishments for being absent. The NICA program is one that encourages participation for either competition or for the adventure. Do be aware that if end-of-season rankings are important to you, NICA uses a cumulative scoring system. So, participation in most or all races is needed to earn enough points to rank high. 

Q: Can I try it out before I sign up?
A: Student-Athletes are allowed to attend pre-season events (April - June) without having officially registered and as many as 1 in-season practice (July - October) before they are expected to have finalized their registration. The one thing we absolutely have to have before anyone can ride with us at any event is a signed waiver which can be printed by following this link.

Q: What's the cost?

A: The bare minimum cost requirement is our team fee of $55 and their Idaho League registration fee of $70 for High-School age students or $50 for younger students. Scholarship and discount options exist for the acquisition of bicycles and helmets which are the mandatory equipment items. If students want to race, which they don't have to, then they are required to purchase at least a jersey for $25. Races cost $40/race for High School students and $30/race for younger students. Our team provides lunch on race days which costs $5/person or $20/family.

Q: How do I pay the team?

A: For 2018 we are implementing a new rule and that is that all team payments must be done via PayPal. Payments can be sent via PayPal to If you do not have a PayPal account already then setting one up is FREE, quick, and easy. The only information you provide to PayPal is an email along with either a debit card number or your checking account and routing number. This form of payment highly streamlines the payment process for our team treasurer and greatly reduces the workload in his already very busy schedule. If this is annoying please be courteous enough to consider his time and organization process as well.

Q: How do I pay the Idaho League?
A: Payments are done in Pitzone ( and you can pay with a credit or debit card.

Q: What's a Pitzone?

A: Pitzone has two meanings. It is both the website where student-athletes and adult-volunteers register online as well as a physical location at races. At the races the Pitzone area is where all of the teams have their tents. This is usually the team's meeting place for lunch, as well as a convenient place for students and families to congregate and mingle between races.

Q: What does UVC MTB expect of our student-athletes?

A: Student-Athletes are expected to 1) be safe, 2) have fun, and 3) E.L.E. (everybody love everybody!)

We expect students to listen and respect all other participants, whether they are adults or fellow peers and help foster a culture of positivity, encouragement, and fun! We consider any other bike rider as family no matter what. This is mountain biking, if it's not fun then we're doing something wrong! Student-Athletes are also expected to be self-reliant on the trail and to come prepared with the necessary hydration, nutrition, and equipment needs they may encounter on our rides.

Part of NICA rules about being safe includes ALWAYS wearing a helmet. At races, the team can lose points if anyone (athlete, coach, parent) has a leg over the top tube of the bike without having their helmet on and chin strap latched. In order to create a good habit we follow that same helmet protocol at practices and all NICA events.

Q: What does UVC MTB expect of parents?

A: Please provide a ride for your child to practice and races at the involvement level you are comfortable with. Be willing to help the team carpool student-athletes from town to the trailhead as well as to races when your schedule allows. If attending races please consider volunteering at the venue. Also please collaborate with and communicate with the team in regards to your travel, camping, and meal plans. We try to help everyone out as much as possible and foster a culture of camping, community, and responsibility.

Q: Where do I find out more information about NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) and IICL( Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League)?

A: For more information about our organization at a national level please visit For more information about the Idaho Chapter of NICA please visit

Q: My son/daughter has little to no experience mountain biking. Will this team or the races be too intense?

A: We are anxious to accept riders of all skill levels and do everything we can to accommodate them at practices and help them learn the skills to make mountain biking a life-long sport. The NICA race courses are designed to be completed by beginner riders.

Q: What are the race courses like?

A: These are "Cross-Country" mountain bike courses which means they include both uphill and downhill. They always have a climb within the first couple hundred yards so as to create some spread in the group of each wave or category. Courses always have a mix of single and double track trails. Obstacles can include rocks, roots, and even optional small jumps or drops. The easiest courses to ride are scheduled for the beginning of the year and courses typically get progressively more difficult as the season goes on. Course lengths are 3-5 miles and 300-500 vertical feet. Students usually complete 1-4 laps based on their age and category. 

Q: What kind of bike is best? Do I need full-suspension, disc brakes, etc? 

A: The popular choice is to ride a hardtail (bikespeak for a bike with only front suspension). Most general purpose mountain bikes are designed with XC biking in mind. Full-suspension bikes can be effective, especially if they are designed for XC Racing meaning they have more aggressive geometry and less travel in their suspension for an efficient ride. Disc brakes are highly recommended but not required. Disc brakes do a better job of stopping a bike with rim brakes and that means the rider will be more confident when they're able to stop well. Bikes that have hydraulic disc brakes will have more stopping power than bikes with mechanical disc brakes. We would highly recommend not using a bike that was purchased from a department store. Most local bike shops can offer NICA specific discounts which makes purchasing a nicer bike more attainable than otherwise. The Idaho league has a loaner bike program, and so does our team. Please reach out with any questions if you'd like to know more.

Parents / Adult Volunteers


Q: How do I get involved?

A: Reach out to Team Director Joe Hill at or Head Coach Scott Hurst at These individuals can send you an invite via email to register as an adult volunteer in PITZONE

Q: What does it cost to register as an adult volunteer?

A: There is a one-time background check that costs $25 and an annual registration fee of $40.

Q: What training is required?

A: There are different levels that an adult volunteer can acquire. Each level has it's own requirements. For a comprehensive list of each of these levels please visit:

Q: What if the answer to my question is not found on this website?

A: Please contact Joe Hill at or Scott Hurst at



As part of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), the Idaho League is a youth development organization

creating the opportunity to develop STRONG BODY, STRONG MIND, and STRONG CHARACTER

in Idaho's youth through an equal and inclusive mountain bike program.