What about parents?

Please support your athlete and the team as much as possible. 





You are responsible for transporting your athlete(s) and equipment to and from practice and races. Coaches want to help as much as possible but have limited seat-belt and bike capacity. We do want to make sure everyone can attend and we encourage carpooling as much as possible.



This is a sport that could not function without volunteers. But that gives parents some unique opportunities to be involved with your son/daughter, their team mates, other families, and teams throughout the state. 

Practices. Parents who want to ride with the team should ask Scott Hurst for an invitation to access Pitzone, register and pay fees ($25 + $38 for background check), and complete on-line training. New coaches who do this by June 5 will receive a customized Club Ride coach shirt.

Races. Lots of help is needed on race weekends.

  • Carpooling. We'll coordinate efforts prior to each race. 

  • If you're participating in shared meals, please sign-up to help with one of the meals. This is a great way to combine forces and make race weekends fun and easy. 

  • Idaho League race-weekend volunteers. Each team is expected to provide one volunteer per five athletes. This is a fun way for parents to be involved in the activities of the weekend. Sign-up sheets are available on the idahomtb.org website and in their newsletters sent via e-mail.

Team Events, Etc. Contact Team Director (email at bottom of this webpage) to volunteer to share your skills with the team. This could include fundraising, photography, lunch committee, bike mechanic, graphic design, etc.


We will communicate via TeamSnap. Email the Team Director to be invited to TeamSnap. Then, make sure your contact info is accurate and that you are receiving and reading emails & alerts. 

Email Scott Hurst, Team Director,

at hursts@byui.edu

If you're interested in joining our teams (Madison or Upper Valley) 

as a student or as a coach.

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