2024 Races

The Idaho League hosts seven races. Each team participates in five of those races and has two bye weeks. Our Team’s races in 2024 are those five detailed on this page.  Our Team will not participate in Race #2 at Magic Mountain on Aug 24 or Race #6 at Jug Mountain on Sept 30. 

Students register themselves for each race using pitzone website. They may register for as many or as few of our team’s five races as they choose. The State Championship Race is the last race for every team and EVERY athlete is allowed to register and participate in that race—there are no “qualifiers.”

Details about each race venue including GPS links, camping info, race schedule, additional waivers needed, etc. can be found at the Idaho Race Series webpage.

Race 1: Brundage Mountain

Race 2: Magic Mania

Race 3: Grand Targhee

Race 4: McNabb Ranch

  • Where: McNabb Ranch near Pocatello
  • When: Saturday, September 14

Race 5: Soldier Mountain

Race 6: Jug Mountain

  • Where: Jug Mountain near McCall
  • When: Saturday, September 28

Note: Some of these venues require additional waivers which can be found at the Idaho Race Series webpage.

Race Course Format

This is a Cross Country Bike Team. The races are 3-5 mile laps that include both uphill and downhill on dirt roads and single track trails. Students complete a certain number of laps specific to their race category (determined by age and ability). NICA has specific requirements for race venues to help reduce risk, allow for passing zones, a feed zone, etc. More information can be found in the NICA Rulebook.

The video at end of this page features an actual Idaho League race. It shows parts of the race course and race venue, and includes an interview with one of our Team Coaches: Aaron Christensen. 

As mentioned in the video, one extraordinary thing about NICA races is that everyone cheers for EVERY student of EVERY team!! 

Race Preparation

  • Participate in practices and ask coaches for additional workouts if wanted
  • Register for races
    • Students do this individually in  Pitzone
  • Become familiar with the Idaho Race-Series webpage. There, when applicable, you will find up-to-date information about the Idaho races including a “race flyer” for each race venue (a document that includes instructions for camping, pre-riding, race day schedule, etc), maps, call-ups & staging details, volunteer sign-ups, and extra waivers when required.
  • Visit the Parent Resources Page from the idahomtb.org website that gives lots of general information about Races and Race Preparation.
  • Come to our Team Race Meeting (held in July or August) to discuss race-related topics including:
    • Carpooling to races.
    • Camping at races.
    • Shared Meals at Races.
    • Adult Volunteers to help Team with pre-rides, warm-ups, pitzone, shared meals, etc.
    • Adult Volunteers to help League with parking, setup, staging, timing, etc.

Packing Lists

Camp Packing List (just those camping)

  • Camp Equipment: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, headlamp/flashlight, camp chair
  • Warm clothing: coat, gloves, hat, socks, PJ’s, “non-racing” shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Water bottle
  • Food (if not participating in shared meals)

Race Packing List

  • Race Clothes: TEAM JERSEY (required), bike shorts, gloves, socks, shoes, jacket, arm or leg warmers if needed for personal preference and weather conditions
  • Race Equipment: NUMBER PLATE (provided for free at beginning of season but $ for replacement if lost), bike, helmet, hydration needs
  • Pitzone Stuff: camp chair, personally-labeled water bottle/s, special pre- or post-race snacks, small duffle/pack for your stuff, equipment needs (lube, patches, tools, etc.)
  • Feedzone Hand-ups: Team has water bottles. Bring anything else you want handed-up in the race. This is only for high school racers who will do multiple laps of the race course.

Race Weekends with the Team

When you’re ready for the full firehose of information, check out our Race Weekends page where we try to answer all of your questions.

Late Registration Closes July 15th

The Bike Friend-zy


May 13th, 5:30-6:30PM

Meet at the Nature Park, South Pavilion

Annual Ski Swap - Oct 20-21

Team Store Deadline!

If you want any custom team apparel or gear, place your order on the Team Store before midnight on May 22nd.

REMEMBER: No items are mandatory except student-athletes MUST wear our team’s race jersey in races.