Mountain biking can be an expensive sport, but we try to keep the fees as reasonable as possible. We have some great sponsors to help the team with long-term equipment costs and to help subsidize some cycling apparel for student athletes and coaches. As we are not a sanctioned high school sport, we receive no subsidy from the schools. 

Season Expenses:

Required Fees: $315

Race Fees: vary

Other Expenses: vary

Total: varies

Pricing details are further explained below

Registration Fees (Required)

$85 Biting Goats Registration Fee -- due May 15th

This fee is determined by the Team Board and is kept as low as possible to cover annual operating expenses which include: 

  • Team Expenses: NICA/League fee, TeamSnap subscription, website 

  • Coach Training not covered by NICA & IICL 

  • Practice and Race Day Support

  • Year-End Banquet & Awards

$230 NICA & IICL Registration Fee -- due May 15th or before second on-bike event

Besides registering and paying the Biting Goats Team fee, student-athletes must register on Pitzone and pay the NICA & IICL fees to be “practice ready” before their second on-bike event. These fees help provide: 

  • Coach Training
  • Insurance for Students & Coaches
  • Day to day operations of the Idaho League

Race Expenses (Optional--only required if racing)

Race Registration -- due Aug 5th for first race OR Season Pass discount

There are a few options and full details can be found on Idaho League site under Student-Athlete Fees. Here are the basics:

  • Season Race Pass (registers student in all 5 races in one transaction to have discount applied)
    • $150 for high school students (9-12th grades)
    • $125 for middle school students (6-8th grades)
  • Per Race Registration (not needed if season pass was purchased)
    • $50 per race for 9-12th grade students
    • $45 per race for 6-8th grade students

$55 Team Race Jersey, required if racing -- order in Team Store by May 15th

Each student who completes Team & NICA registration & pays fees by May 15th may use a $35 promo code to use in Team Store for a race jersey or other team cycling apparel. This is thanks to generous sponsorship from Teton Cancer Institute (TCI)!

Other Expenses

There are natural costs of the sport that you’ll likely incur throughout the season

Required Equipment

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Closed-toe Shoes
  • Water (bottle + bike cage OR hydration pack) 

Each rider is responsible for maintaining his or her own mountain bike. We encourage every rider to establish a relationship with a local bike shop for bike tunes, equipment maintenance, and questions. Many local shops offer discounts to NICA athletes & coaches for equipment and repairs. 

If you need help finding and/or purchasing a bike, please talk to the Team Director or Head Coach. They can help guide you to some good resources and might have access to a few loaner bikes.

Highly Recommended Equipment

  • Padded shorts, gloves & eye protection
  • Spare tube & mini-pump OR CO2 cartridges & inflator
  • Bike multi-tool
  • Weather appropriate clothing (jacket, etc)  

Team Apparel

  • No specific apparel is needed for practices.
  • Riders must wear our Team Race Jersey to participate in Idaho League races.
  • Every student and coach registered with our team by May 15th may use a $35 promo code to be used in Team Store by May 15th to subsidize their order of Team Cycling Apparel. The promo code may not be used for “Other Team Items” (see below). The student athlete subsidy is thanks to a generous sponsorship from the Teton Cancer Institute. The coach subsidy is thanks to other generous team sponsors.
  • Team Cycling Apparel — order & pay on our Hyperthreads Team Store by May 15th (qualifies for the $35 subsidy / student-athlete or coach)
    • Race Jersey $55 (Devo Short Sleeve)
    • Practice Jersey $40 (Race Tech Tee Short Sleeve)
    • Spandex padded cycling shorts OR bibs $65 (Devo)
    • Baggie cycling shorts without padded liner $85 (Mtn Baggy)
  • Other Team Items — order & pay on our Hyperthreads Team Store by May 15th (does NOT qualify for the $35 subsidy / student-athlete or coach)
    • Lots of items available… hoodies, T-shirts, socks, water bottles, etc etc. 


  • Students (or their parents) are responsible to get selves to & from practice and race locations
  • Team encourages but does not organize carpooling 

Accommodations at Races

  • The Idaho League provides a free camping area at each race venue
  • Our team has a culture of embracing this free camping option
  • The camping is not luxurious–usually it’s in a cement-hard gravel parking lot, side by side with other tents/campers–but it is a fun way to gather together and build camaraderie and memories
  • Different accommodations are at student/family choice and expense

Food at Races

  • Our Team Leaders enlists volunteers to provide & prepare shared meals at races for minimal cost to individuals 
  • Participation in these meals is optional and available to athletes, coaches and their family & friends 
  • Friday Dinner at camp = pasta with marinara & meat sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese, corn, roll w/butter, watermelon, hot chocolate. Cost in 2023 was free for athletes & coaches and $3/friend or family member. Price TBD for 2024.
  • Saturday Breakfast at camp = bagels & cream cheese, oatmeal, hot chocolate or cider, bananas, oranges, and/or apples. Cost in 2023 was free for athletes & coaches and $2/friend or family member. Price TBD for 2024.
  • Saturday Lunch at pitzone = Santa fe Chicken Salad or Wrap: tortillas/chips, lettuce, beans, chicken, cheese, pico de gallo, peppers, olives, jalapeno ranch dressing. Cost in 2023 was free for athletes & coaches and $5/friend or family member. Price TBD for 2024. 
  • Due date to sign and pay for each meal is Sunday midnight prior to each race weekend. Link to google doc will be shared via TeamSna

To Offset Costs The team has fundraisers, loaner bikes & financial assistance. Contact Us for more information.

The Bike Friend-zy


May 13th, 5:30-6:30PM

Meet at the Nature Park, South Pavilion

Annual Ski Swap - Oct 20-21

Team Store Deadline!

If you want any custom team apparel or gear, place your order on the Team Store before midnight on May 22nd.

REMEMBER: No items are mandatory except student-athletes MUST wear our team’s race jersey in races.