Promo Codes

Promo Codes

Each student and coach who get fully “practice ready” by May 15th by completing ALL the steps listed on the registration page will qualify for $35 off their team cycling apparel from Hyperthreads (jersey, shorts, gloves, arm warmers).

Additionally, ALL NEW coaches who complete their Level 1 coach trainings by May 15th will qualify for a free coach shirt. After completing the trainings, send an email to Kevin Kelley at Kevin will verify eligibility and send you a code to use when ordering your coach shirt.

Promo Codes:

To claim the discount, use the discount code below that coincides with the number of students and coaches for whom the order is being placed.

Note: The store will let you use ANY of the promo codes. Please only use the code for which your order is eligible. Eligibility will be verified after the store closes and ineligible promo codes will owe additional money to the team. Thank you!

  • BitingGoats-1 ($35)
  • BitingGoats-2 ($70)
  • BitingGoats-3 ($105)
  • BitingGoats-4 ($140)
  • BitingGoats-5 ($175)
  • BitingGoats-6 ($210)

The Bike Friend-zy


May 13th, 5:30-6:30PM

Meet at the Nature Park, South Pavilion

Annual Ski Swap - Oct 20-21

Team Store Deadline!

If you want any custom team apparel or gear, place your order on the Team Store before midnight on May 22nd.

REMEMBER: No items are mandatory except student-athletes MUST wear our team’s race jersey in races.