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Much of this content is copied from the Idaho Race Series page which is the ultimate source of information for all things race related and has the most accurate and up-to-date information. This page should be considered an additional resource.

Race #2:

Date: August 24, 2024

Magic Mountain Ski Resort

Nearest City: Twin Falls


We camp in a parking lot near Diamond Jack campground about 1.5 miles past Pitzone to the South. The lot does have some grass and some years we’ve been quick enough to camp on it. Otherwise, it’s hard packed dirt and gravel. There are LITTLE trails around the lot that are fun for kids to ride their bikes on. There are usually plenty of ATVs and Side x Sides in additional to all the mountain bikers camped here. There is also a small trail that you can walk through between the main parking area and where we camp. There is a porta-potty available in the parking lot.


Pitzone is all by itself in the main parking area for Magic Mountain Ski Resort. It’s about 1.2 miles the other side of a hill from parking and about 1.5 miles away from where our team camps. There is no parking available at Pitzone.


Two school busses run between the parking lot near camp. Using the shortcut trail out of camp, it’s about 500 yards to where the bus picks up and drops off on the North end of the parking lot. The pickup/dropoff on the Pitzone side is about 175 yards South of Pitzone.


2023 Update:
An additional 0.4miles has been added to the Eastern portion of the trail. About halfway through the downhill the trail goes down near Pit Zone then climbs back up to the older trail.

2022 Course:
About 4.5 miles with about 575 feet of elevation gain. The course starts by crossing the road and heading up a forest road for about 0.75mi, then a quick 0.1mi downhill and back up for another 0.75mi to the top where you get to cross a couple of rock gardens. From there, it’s a little more technical of a downhill with a few small rock croppings then winding through the woods to the main road at about the halfway point. From there, there’s about a 1/4 mile climb and then the rest is windy flowy downhill until just before the finish which flattens out considerably.

Annual Ski Swap - Oct 20-21

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