Soldier Mountain

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Race #4:

Date: September 16, 2023

Soldier Mountain Resort

Nearest City: Fairfield


Camping is 5.5 miles to the South of Soldier Mountain. The camp area is a big grassy field provided by the Intermountain Christian Camp just South of their camp. There is plenty of space. We try to get a spot near the entrance.


Pitzone is just north of the lodge and set just between the parking lot and the course.


Shuttles can be caught just North of the camp area. There are 2 shuttles. Because of the 5.5 mile trip each way, shuttles run less frequently than at other races. Be prepared with plenty of time.


2023. Starting with an almost 800ft climb over 1.9mi up a trail built as a flowy downhill trail with plenty of table tops. The downhill also has several table tops and a couple of steeper drops but for the most part, it’s pretty flowy for the next 2.7mi and then another 100ft climb up a double track for the next 0.3mi. Then the last run into the finish is pretty straight and fast until just before the end where you turn and climb up the steep end for the last few hundred feet.

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The Bike Friend-zy


May 13th, 5:30-6:30PM

Meet at the Nature Park, South Pavilion

Annual Ski Swap - Oct 20-21

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