Grand Charge

Much of this content is copied from the Idaho Race Series page which is the ultimate source of information for all things race related and has the most accurate and up-to-date information. This page should be considered an additional resource.

Race #3:

Date: September 9, 2023

Grand Targhee Resort

Nearest City: Driggs

Everything is completely changed up since 2022


2023 Camping is just below Pit Zone to the Northwest. There is not very much space for our team so come early for a good spot and leave your vehicle in the main parking when it makes sense. You do need to fill out a waiver to camp. All large trailers/RV’s must use lower gravel parking lot (shown on map) and a RV Parking Form will be required which can be found on the race flyer.


Pitzone is the first parking lot when you come into the resort, just lower and to the Southwest of the main parking area.


No shuttles are ran at Targhee. Camping is close and regular parking is even closer.


2023 The course is 5.27 miles and has an elevation gain of about 525ft and utilizes the XC trails to the South and West of the GTR lodge. Just beyond the start, the course turns onto the “Greenhorn Access trail” and goes Northwest with some small ups and downs. It then connects into “Jolly Green Giant” where you’ll climb about 300ft over the next 1.25mi before a flowy decent for the next mile where the trail connects across to “The Core”. There you’ll climb back up about 100ft over the next 0.6mi and then what is mostly a decent over the next 0.85mi with a quick punchy climb towards the end. Then you’ll connect over to Roundabout (which we rode in 2022 at the end of the race, but in reverse) which has a fair amount of small ups and downs for the next 1.25mi before finishing up the the parking lot road for a steep climb at the end.

Additional Information

Unlike many of the venues where we race, Grand Targhee Resort has a lot of trails open to the public on race day. There are lift access trails as well as plenty more cross-country trails. All trails are free to use. If you want to use the lift, that’s where it starts to cost money.

In the middle of the main parking lot on the lodge side is a great skills area with rocks, wooden features, and skinnies. There’s plenty there for all ages of bike riders.

Just above the lodge is a downhill pump track which essentially means that it has many properties of a pump track but has a higher start.

The lodge is open during our races with restaurants and other services.

The Bike Friend-zy


May 13th, 5:30-6:30PM

Meet at the Nature Park, South Pavilion

Annual Ski Swap - Oct 20-21

Team Store Deadline!

If you want any custom team apparel or gear, place your order on the Team Store before midnight on May 22nd.

REMEMBER: No items are mandatory except student-athletes MUST wear our team’s race jersey in races.