Cost Breakdown

Your overall cost will depend on several factors.

Season-wide fees

Every athlete who practices with the team will be required to pay team fees and NICA registration:

  • Team fees: $80 per athlete. Pay at June 16th to guarantee proper jersey size & participate in future events. For information about how to pay, contact the Team Director (link at the bottom of the page) and request to be added to the team email list. Includes team's 2020 race jersey.

  • NICA & Idaho League Registration: Register and pay $135 in Pitzone before 2nd on-bike activity. (An invitation to Pitzone will be emailed to you as soon as you pay the team fee). 

Per-Race fees

The cost of a single race will be a combination of the race fees, transportation costs, and camping costs. There are five races.

  • Race fees:  Yet to be determined for 2020. Race fees have usually been about $30/race

  • Fuel: Every family is responsible to get their students to races. However, we do try to carpool as needed. Details will come in an August Race Meeting and TeamSnap email.

  • Lodging: Every race venue includes free camping for teams and families or you may make other lodging arrangements for yourself.

  • Meals: We will do some optional meal sharing for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and Saturday lunches of race weekends. Dinner and breakfast will be at the Team Camp and Saturday Lunch will be at our Team Pitzone near the Start/Finish line. More details to come at August Race Meeting. Likely, all meals will be a standard menu and dinner will be $3/person, breakfast at $2/person, lunch at $5/person and we'll ask volunteers to help cook and cleanup each meal. 


Each student needs:

  • Team Jersey: one jersey is included in $80 team fee and MUST be worn during races. (Thanks to generous sponsorship by Teton Cancer Institute to subsidize cost!) One pair of shorts/bibs are also available at a subsidized cost of $35 but are not required.

  • Helmet: All students, coaches, and parents must have a helmet and wear it any time they are on a bike at a practice or race venue. 

  • Bike: You are responsible for providing a mountain bike (must have working brakes, 2" minimum tire width, no slick tires, no road or cyclocross bikes, no single speeds, no bar ends, etc. ). The team has four bikes to rent for the season at a reasonable cost. To request a loaner bike, contact the Team Director (link a the bottom of the page). Discounts specific to NICA are available on new bikes. Check with Joe Hill at Sticks & Stones for pricing. 


To offset costs

  • Sponsorship: Contact Rachel Hurst at for info.

  • Fundraisers: Contact Rachel Hurst at to signup for paid work projects.

  • Team Scholarship: Contact Scott Hurst at to request aid.

  • Bike: Contact Joe Hill at Sled Shed or Scott Hurst at if in need of a loaner/rental bike. 

  • League Scholarship: Click on link at bottom of this webpage.