The Idaho League is hosting six races. But each team attends only five of those races. Our team will participate in the following five races. Students are allowed to race in as many of the five races as they choose. The last race is called the State Championship Race, and EVERY athlete is allowed to register and participate in that race--there are no "qualifiers."

 Our Team's "bye week” is on Sept 25. So we will not be participating in Race #4 at Jug Mountain.

Details about each camping and race venue can be found at the Idaho Race Series webpage. Link at the bottom of this website. "Idaho Race Series"

Race 1: Brundage Mountain

Race 2: Magic Mania

Race 3: Grand Charge

Race 4: "BYE WEEK"

Race 5: McNabb Ranch

  • Where: Portneuf Wellness Complex, Pocatello

  • When: Saturday, October 2

Race 6: Bogus Boss (aka State Championship)

  • Where: Bogus Basin Resort near Boise

  • When: Saturday, October 9

Read the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League Rulebook to learn about Leauge race rules, safety protocol, course design information, etc